A hearty hello and welcome to WiseWords 2.0

Last year I decided to take some time to try and figure out what I’m trying to accomplish with writing my blog. If any of you reading were around and can remember, I wrote a blog about my path, writing what I know. I said that I know myself and that is true but during this little hiatus I took, there was one thing that became apparent. Something that I should have caught on to from the beginning. None of you know who I am. You folks don’t know me from atom. 

I want to write blog post that do more than tell you about my thoughts for any given time. I want you guys to leave my blog feeling like you learned something about life, me or maybe yourself. So, with that in mind, I think I’m ready to write better content for you folks to consume. 

Of course, my subject in the writing was only one of the problems I feel I was having. The layout and page content wasn’t exactly what I was going for with the website. Having a site that promotes what I’m trying to convey, which is my work, was not available. The new WWW.WashingtonTIII.COM will have a section with all of my work; Publications, finished Work, Blogs and other things that I’ve created. 

The site will also allow for you guys to comment on my writing, sign-up for email notifications for my recent blogs and deals on books. The site will also have a section for other interest of mine that I currently write about, video games. I love them and have a stream for that form of content. I’m just saying, there’s a lot that I’m doing and feel you guys may be interested in. I could be wrong but I feel like something needed to change to garner more interest in my body of work.

I hope you guys enjoy the changes. If you don’t, I would love to hear your comments. I may listen then again, I may not. Either way, I hope we all enjoy what I create in the end. Thanks for staying with me, returning to see what I have to say or just checking out my writing for the first time. Check out my actual first return blog, American Class, for an understanding of what I’m interested in discussing with you guys and the type of conversations I want to have, there’s a lot to get through.