Just taking a break from writing

One of the hardest things to do after writing a manuscript is taking some time to decompress. To just get that recent story out of your head. It’s very hard to just let a new story sit for a while, to let the words rest for me. I want to get back into the world quickly, read through it and change the errors I have or something that I thought about after finishing. It’s like the story is trying to call me back. As if saying, Don’t leave me so soon, we have so much to discuss.”

Taking a break is a good thing. It gives you a chance to get away from the story. To detach from your babies before the inevitable cut for many of them occurs. I think I’m pretty good at following this rule but it’s those times when a story was so good to you that you want to do more to it. To change things, immediately, damn the break. In those times, I find that writing something new helps. Well, writing or finding a video game that will distract me for a while.

Just find a way to turn away from the word processing app, keyboard or typewriter. Learn a new skill or language, something that may improve your toolbox. Writing is such a difficult task and there’s no real rule to how authors should get it done. Our best bet is to come up with our own routine when it comes to writing and to let our babies grow a little before we decide to cut them.

One thing that I learned while doing the constant research that I do, is that pieces you remove from a story do not need to disappear. Save them because they may fit in another story, or you may be able to make a story out of the removed portion.

The best thing that can happen after the completion of a story is just storing it in a safe for six months. Ok, it doesn’t have to be six months but enough time to let something else occupy your time. Giving your story a chance to solidify without your input. A chance for it to become fresh. Almost foreign to you.

With my most recent manuscript, I found that just writing a few short stories and having this blog have been a great way to get the story off of my mind. I have almost forgotten most of the characters and the story itself, which is good. It allows me to go back with a fresh set of eyes and see it from a different perspective.

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