Just taking a break from writing

One of the hardest things to do after writing a manuscript is taking some time to decompress. To just get that recent story out of your head. It’s very hard to just let a new story sit for a while, to let the words rest for me. I want to get back into the world quickly, read through it and change the errors I have or something that I thought about after finishing. It’s like the story is trying to call me back. As if saying, Don’t leave me so soon, we have so much to discuss.”

Taking a break is a good thing. It gives you a chance to get away from the story. To detach from your babies before the inevitable cut for many of them occurs. I think I’m pretty good at following this rule but it’s those times when a story was so good to you that you want to do more to it. To change things, immediately, damn the break. In those times, I find that writing something new helps. Well, writing or finding a video game that will distract me for a while.

Just find a way to turn away from the word processing app, keyboard or typewriter. Learn a new skill or language, something that may improve your toolbox. Writing is such a difficult task and there’s no real rule to how authors should get it done. Our best bet is to come up with our own routine when it comes to writing and to let our babies grow a little before we decide to cut them.

One thing that I learned while doing the constant research that I do, is that pieces you remove from a story do not need to disappear. Save them because they may fit in another story, or you may be able to make a story out of the removed portion.

The best thing that can happen after the completion of a story is just storing it in a safe for six months. Ok, it doesn’t have to be six months but enough time to let something else occupy your time. Giving your story a chance to solidify without your input. A chance for it to become fresh. Almost foreign to you.

With my most recent manuscript, I found that just writing a few short stories and having this blog have been a great way to get the story off of my mind. I have almost forgotten most of the characters and the story itself, which is good. It allows me to go back with a fresh set of eyes and see it from a different perspective.

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The good of America

Divisive America

What’s going on in America? We have come to a point in our countries’ ever changing spirit when things seem more perilous than any could anticipate. One of the main arguments of our current president has become something that he continues to endure. With more than a few indictments and his campaign manager now dealing with not one but two trials, President Donald Trump is putting Americans through the very issues he brought up about his adversary at the time, Hillary Clinton. Constant court cases during a presidency.

Everyday, I wake up to the news of another scandal, tweet or revelation; originating from the current commander and chief. It may not be something that he is being accused of but it seems to be every person with which the President has had dealings. Manafort, Cohen, Daniels, Gates, Flynn, etc. it’s freaking ridiculous. I mean was the plan of draining the swamp one where the mushy, dirty waters of Washington would be so full of corruption, that there is would be no choice but to see the gators?

The News

The very act of watching the news is now a test in stamina. How many times can you smack yourself on the forehead and say “he did what?” before you are forced to change the channel? The scariest thing about what’s happening in Washington isn’t just the president, it’s the complacency of the people charged with representing us. This, to me, is the most shocking thing. These people don’t seem to care, as long as their agenda is passed, he can get away with whatever crime he committed. They are ready to sell us, the American people, down the river for their own nefarious machinations.

It is insane that we have a congress that was unable to do anything for almost eight years, but when they do take action, it’s to completely screw the poor and debilitated. What about this screams American values? When do we stand as a people against this continued promotion of moral bankruptcy?

Our Duty

Let’s be honest, most of us won’t recognize the writing on the wall until the wrecking ball knocks through it. The strength of America has always been its citizens. It’s one of the things that I believe can never be destroyed by people who attack us using terror. Americans are strongest together and when we are attacked, we coalesce into a wave of force so dangerous that other countries fear its scrutiny. When do we become that force? Will it be a force divided by the devices put in place to lower the intensity of our impact?

Here’s something that I never thought would become the norm in America. Our president has told thousands of lies to the American public and there is no reprimand for his actions. When did distortion and fabrication become the standard operating procedure for our country? I mean I always believed, deep down inside, that the American people couldn’t really trust its government but I never thought it would become true. For the first time in my life we have a president who says, “I’ve done nothing wrong but the case to prove that shouldn’t vindicate me.” He tells us that he’s all for this investigation into Russian meddling into our election. Then turns around and says it’s a hoax and it must end without a conclusion.

This is way past politics folks. We are at a point where we have to demand more from our elected officials. I don’t want to see a president impeached in my lifetime. When it happened to Nixon, the country suffered more than he did. No, I want the people who we have hired to speak for us, to actually start speaking for us. I want these people spouting that America wants a certain thing to actually speak for Americans. Not the coffers that provide insulation for their pockets.

The end result

We are taught in school that the definition of truth is the quality or state of being true. Can anyone watching what’s going on in America today consider that very word present in our nation’s capital? Are we at a point where there will be two sets of facts? The truth and the alternate version of it. That doesn’t bode well for our country.

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The cruelest joke never told

Growing old is like the worse joke ever told to people. How is it that a person grows up with this body, builds it into this machine that the two of you have agreed should be what it is, then the machine decides it’s own course of action? In the past I would say growing old it like finding out that you’re not in control of your body but I think it’s your body saying that it has its own plans and ideas about your life. 

I hate the fact that after more than thirty years of navigating a path for what my body should be, it has decided that it doesn’t want to do what we agreed was the proper course of action. Joint pains in the strangest places, back aches from sitting in a position I sat in for comfort. I’m saying I heard many older men talking about the plight of growing old but I always thought that would happen to someone else, my body would follow our plan. 

Nope, that’s not how it goes at all. Hitting thirty was a huge surprise for me. Out of nowhere, my back began to hurt for nothing. Out of nowhere my eyes could discern things that were easily seen, just a year earlier. Is it just me? I doubt it because age is a bitch on all of us and we all had to go through it. Well until the minds create their age defying elixir. Until that time we all have to deal with this and I say that’s BS. 

Seriously, is there nothing sacred? What kind of cruel comedian is the creator? Hey how can twenty be the best time of a person’s life, when there are at least another forty years left to live? I know we live more that 60 years but I’m just throwing out the years that I feel make a real difference because not too many people are enjoying the later years. They say they do but let’s all be real, they miss their younger age. Hell, I’m not even near that age and I feel a reminiscence for those times. 

Nothing is as contrary as the process of growing up. Just think about the term “growing up.”

It is a misnomer because you don’t grow up, you grow old. With that growth there are changes that a person never signs up for or even knew would occur. Changes that can impact just doing things you’ve done all your life. I remember the first time I felt a twinge in my lower back, it was not the business. I was actually shocked by the fact that I had back pain, especially after all of my athletics. Where the hell did this come from? I’d just turned thirty. 

Just dealing with growing old should be grounds for disability. The government should have a notification system set up that notifies those reaching thirty that their lives are about to change drastically and no matter what is done it will not get better. I seriously watch the breaking discoveries in science, hoping for the day when a scientist touts his defeat of age. 

Do any of you remember being young? Do you guys remember what it felt like when we were 17 and a half? Had to throw that half in there because we all wanted to be older. You reach the age of adulthood and immediately you recognize the error of your ways. I think that’s why young adults today try to remain with their parents, they’re hoping for a return to childhood. Unfortunately, unlike Peter Pan, we all have to grow old. That’s why I call this blog the cruelest joke. Can any of you honestly give me a benefit to growing old? Well, there is this amount of experience that a person gains from growing old but honestly who wouldn’t sacrifice that experience for the return in years? 

You hear it said all the time “If I knew then, what I know now.” That’s a person thinking back to their younger days. A person thinking about the life they wish they could still live. A life they want to live forever. Many of you reading this probably don’t know what I’m talking about or can’t sympathize with my plight but I know there are some who’re going through this now and I say “I feel you my siblings.”

There’s something quite cathartic about being able to express my anger and disappointment at growing old. I can imagine there are a few of you younger folks out there saying, this will never happen to me but it will and when it does, remember there was this older guy dealing with it that shat words on a blog post talking about the same thing. 

Thanks for your time today my friends. I did say the writing would change and I hope you enjoy what I’m now giving to you, have a blessed day and enjoy the time you have in your life. Be it young or old age. 

American Class

Can’t do ish.

There have been a lot of incidents occurring in America that’s causing more than a little alarm. I see them with a mixture of shock, dismay and sometimes complete outrage at what’s occurring. It’s just happening everywhere and I feel that now is the time for me to address it. I mean, it’s not like I have such a following where my words will fall on someone who can do something. No, I just feel like I’ve sat quiet for way too long and I need to say some things that I feel we all should be discussing. The issues I’m eluding to, are the increased level of mistreatment of minorities in America.

This isn’t something that many like to discuss. Some immediately throw up that their not a racist and others just try to ignore the entire situation, choosing to stuff their heads in the sand and hope it all just goes away. The problem with this issue cannot be ignored or pushed aside. Thanks to the current administration and this new found level of brazenness in the majority, minorities are left to decide themselves how to solve a problem that impacts all of us.

There is no right or wrong answer when dealing with the issue of race, but there should be some kind of conversation. When we, as a people, fail to communicate with each other, the people who want us separated win. The world is an ugly place and America is becoming the ugliest. Not only do we ignore the minority groups that beg for assistance from their brothers and sisters in their own country, we disparage those who have the temerity to receive assistance.

How many times have you, dear reader, stopped to help a homeless person that you see? How often have you spoken to someone that is not a part of your particular clique? Someone outside of your ethnicity? How comfortable do you feel in these interactions? Do you step outside of your comfort zone to do what’s right? How many of us know what’s right in today’s divisive climate?

I’m writing this because it just seems like minorities in America are being forced to conform to roles of subservience. While at the same time demanding that these same minorities do not feel impacted by their mistreatment.

This is not a blog about race, nor is it about uplifting those that have been condemned with little to no regard. No. This is about the continued attack on class. The continued assault on the morals of America, it’s spirit. That’s such a strange thing to say. America, after all, is just a country. But America has a soul. In my opinion, the soul of America has always become more prevalent at times of turmoil. During these times, Americans come together. We are a force of one, focused on the target of our ire. We all felt the love and connectivity of the country on September 11. We all smiled or hugged on November 8, 2008.

I believe these times and many others(The attack on Hawaii, after every mass shooting) show what Americans can be capable of when tested. I guess I’m writing today to ask, why do we have to be tested to be together? Why is it ok to take money fr9m the government for your business, but not to live a better life? When did we become a country that hates what we once stood for and what made America the greatest country in the world…I’m sorry, just writing that made me feel like I should be wearing a “MAGA” hat. Though we all know the hat should really read MAWA.

The funniest thing about what I’m saying is, according to history, when was America great? Was it during slavery? Maybe during the building of intercontinental rail? Was it during the First World War, the second, the revolution, the war on Irish immigrants and so on and so on. The list is huge with the atrocities that occurred under the auspices of country loyalty.

America was built by immigrants. White, black, brown, yellow and red; well, history has shown not red. They were here first, after all. There is no place for separation of people due to race, ethnicity, political affiliation or class. Are we not all American? If our enemies attack America, are the people on one side going to be saved because they were on that side? Are they?!

Take the time

Did any of you hear that the Norte Dame cathedral is falling apart? I can kind of figure out what you’re thinking. Well some of you, I’m sure, feel like I do. You feel like me, if you’ve never had the chance to see the building. That’s kind of the reason for my blog today. The shock that the building is falling apart and the ultimate recognization that I might. Not ever be able to see the place where the Quasimodo was imagined. Feeling the fear of not seeing that place has spurred me to say to everyone to take 5e time t do what you always wanted.

There is no way for us to tell when something we want to see will be gone. I have to laugh when saying this because I live in Vegas and we destroy every casino when they reach a certain age. Which is why I want to see something that has been around for, what, two decades… ok, after a little research I find out that the building was completed in 1345, so a little more than two decades, lol.

I just want all of you to take a moment to think about something that you’ve always wanted to see and go see it because there is no guarantee that it will wait for you to get the time. Take the time away from your job to see it. I get it, work is a precarious place where every decision you make old cost you that job but if that’s the case it wasn’t a job you wanted. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying quit your job, or maybe I am, what I am saying is that time is finite. Nothing withstands the onslaught of it besides Paul Rudd…the guy still looks like he did in clueless, IJS. Sorry for that guys, but back to the point. We only have a small amount of time to do the stuff that we’ve always wanted to do, I’m saying go freaking do them.

Just thinking about the fact that I may miss a chance to go to such a historic place and see buildings that were built well before my people came to America. To see continuity of something greater than me just excites me. I am a creature that enjoys learning and going a place where so much history is steeped, would be a rewarding and incredible experience.

As the saying goes, it’s your life, live it. What’s the new saying the youngsters are using, FOMO. think of that when you come up with another excuse for why you can’t see the things that you’ve always wanted.

A matter of perception

I read recently that there will be a civil rights rally for white people and I know some people are already starting to get upset at the matter but why? Let’s take a second to define the words “civil rights.” The right of citizens to political and social freedom and equality, is the dictionaries definition when searched online. There’s also information on the civil rights act of 1964 and a lot of other interesting tidbits. No where in any of it does it say that these rights were relegated to one group. People wanting to exercise their rights should be allowed to do so.

My fear with this rally has nothing to do with what it is believed to be but more of what it will be perceived as, by some attending and observers. I have three children and I tried to ingrain one thing in their mind, well, ok. I also tried to instill the mantra from the gunslinger, “I do not shoot with my hand.” That type of thing. I was going through a phase and it just seemed like an excellent way to get kids focused, but back to my point. I tried to teach my kids several things, foremost among them was the fact of perception.

In my world, perception is the rule and I tried to make this something my children understood. How you are perceived by people. How your words are perceived by others, will be the truth to them. It doesn’t matter what you intend or what you may have meant. People’s perception is the truth, to them it is anyway.

The civil rights rally for white people will not be a group of citizens that believe in the rights for all, but they want to promote love for their own. No, this will be a mass majority of racist people, with a small smatter of the former thrown in, for good measure. A group of people who do not believe in the civil rights for all, will commingle with a group that feels down trodden in today’s politically divisive America.

I believe this group doesn’t actually care about civil rights at all but will hijack the cause for their own nefarious means. Not intent on just saying “We are white and we have rights.” But to say “We are white and our rights supersede anyone else’s.” They are not interested in this soul that was becoming America. Chanting slogans like “You will not replace us!” These people are determined to return us to a time when America was white first. It’s like they want the right to be racist. “Sure, I hate you but I love taking your money.” type of thing.

I write these words knowing in my heart, that what I’m saying will be misconstrued, misinterpreted and misunderstood, but I feel I must write them because they have to be said. We are coming to a time in America when it seems the people we hired to keep us together is hell bent on breaking us apart. A time, that when reviewed in history, will be the turning point to something just as big as the movement in the sixties.

Any people that want to get together and exercise their rights to free speech should be allowed to do so. Even if the person is spouting words of hate and divisive rhetoric, they are given this right in America. We should not stop these people from being able to say what they want to say. The people in turn have to understand and respect the rights of others. This is where I believe the issues lie for many that cry “foul” when they say something abhorrent. People have a right to give their dollars to whomever they want. If you’re spouting hatred and don’t want “these people,” “those people” or “them” to be a part of your world. Don’t expect their dollars.

Everyone has a right to do whatever they want to do in this world and as free people, we have a right to reward and punish, for what we feel deserves our hard earned dollars. On the news right now, the founder of what I consider to be the worst pizza in the world, Papa John’s; is about to go into a legal battle with his company over racist comments. I have heard what the man said and I honestly don’t care because I didn’t eat his pizza, but the perception of the company itself is now tied to racist comments that will be hard to erase. His rights aren’t infringed, he can no longer just say what he wants at the company he built. I think that’s fair. After all the company wants the dollars of the people he hates.

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The difference is a chromosome

Recently, I had a chance to watch the movie “Battle of the sexes.” I know, I know, that movie is old now. Well, I don’t like to actually waste money going to movies unless it’s something that interest me, believe me that has not always worked in my favor; the debacle that is BvS comes to mind. I mean seriously, why would they make that movie? Styrofoam Batman was the worse. Though there were some good fighting scenes in the movie, I just did not appreciate the casting for the movie. Eisenberg’s Luthor was an atrocity that should not be duplicated, oh wait, he was in the justice league as well. Damn you DC.

Anyway, I’m sorry about that rant, but if you’ve been subjected to that terrible movie, then you know what I’m talking about and if you’re feeling some kind of way about my judgement, comment below and we can discuss it. But back to “Battle.” I watched this movie with a fair amount of knowledge about Billie Jean King, but I did not know or maybe I was blind to the fact of how men’s treatment of women hasn’t changed.

My issue is the disparity and the reason for it. I watched the movie both proud of what the women in the Virginia Slim circuit were able to do and embarrassment for how the men justified their reasons for their increased pay. I couldn’t help but wonder watching, what the hell are men afraid of, when it comes to women? Just what do we stand to lose if we give women the equality they fight for and deserve? I watched this movie “Battle of the sexes” knowing that there would be no clear answer given for the treatment.

I think the worse thing about watching the movie is the realization that though women have made incredible strides, they are still in the same place. Men still find reasons to pay them less. Reasons to limit their success. Why? Why is it when a woman stands up for herself their labeled a feminist? I mean, is it just me? Are there other men who look at the way women have been treated and question the thinking involved in the treatment?

I don’t actually know why watching the movie bothered me so much. I can only say that the fact that these issues, the attempted control and limitation of women by men has been an issue that impacts all of us. Why do women have to be “nice old type women?” Which meant they do what they’re told, back in the day. While men are just allowed to be whatever they want?

Now, don’t get me wrong. I don’t consider myself in any way feminine conscious or awake, I’m just a father of girls. Little future women that I tell daily, they can do anything a man can do. But I’m starting to recognize that no matter what I tell my girls, the world is going to show them something different. Why? Why is it like this? Can someone explain that to me?

You folks have to understand that I consider myself a man. I mean I piss standing up, I eat red meat and have issues matching my clothing options. I can not grasp the intricacies of makeup but I can put ponytails in my daughter’s hair better than anyone. (FYI my wife thinks they’re always terrible and complains constantly but I do them damnit.) my point is I consider myself a man and I cannot for the life of me figure out why men feel they have to be this way to women.

Why are women paid less than us? Why do we feel we have a right to tell them what to do with their bodies? Why is it ok for us to take the rights from them that we would kill someone for taking from us? How can any man look at their own daughter and tell her that she can be anything she wants to be, but limit the woman working alongside you from those lofty goals?

I’m writing all of this and I’m now wondering if I will post this. I honestly want to know why but I don’t feel like the bullshit that has become a part of the internet. Bullshit a person receives for asking about what they feel is wrong. During “Battle of the sexes” Jack Kramer says “ My money is on Bobby Riggs because women find it hard to consistently handle pressure, some people would say they are not built for it.” Not built for it, seriously? I have been in the room each time my children were born and I can say in complete confidence that pressure is one of the things they are built to handle. The life of a woman is pressure personified, but why do men feel that women have it easy?

In the movie Bobby Riggs first defeats Margaret Court, when she loses the announcer says she just set back the women’s movement. Why? I can’t come up with answers for why one woman losing to a man destroys a whole movement or why a woman has to defeat a man to garner equality but we are coming to a point where we should recognize the hypocrisy of the treatment we give to women. I believe that if men start to do that, we will recognize our own feelings of inadequacy when it comes to women and possibly change our treatment of the fairer sex.

Thanks for your time today during this one. I hope I gave someone something to discuss and possibly put a bee in the bonnet of any man that feels the way these men do. Have a great one and I will talk to you all again.

Losing our way.

Are we done with morality in America? I ask this question seriously because the way it’s looking we are on our way to something that doesn’t bode well for my children. A few years ago, I had faith in the path of America. We, as a people stood together throughout some of the toughest times in recorded history and as a voice began to stand for hope. Though it was short lived, I had faith in the growth of America, what it’s people was showing me and what I started to see in myself. I believed in the country’s possibilities, not because of the election of Barack Obama to the White House; but the feeling that came after that.

Though the divisions in America began rather quickly after President Obama’s election, there was still this strong undercurrent of belief in what is right, what’s good. A belief that America is more than what it’s history had portrayed for so many years. For the first time, I didn’t see the country as black and white, I saw it as America. I began to understand that there were people who just weren’t going to like you, no matter how much you strive for their acceptance.

America is a country of freedoms. You learn this in school but when you’re a black man growing up in this country of freedoms, you soon learn that yours are limited. You learn rules that I’d rather not discuss now but have become all too familiar in many a young black man’s mind. Those times weren’t the culmination of Barack Obama’s election, they were there well before that; but Barry O’s election bolstered belief in what was possible.

Reminiscent of John F. Kennedy’s election and the Catholic religion’s impact on America several decades earlier; African Americans saw this as their chance to be seen and accepted as equals in America. Sure there was a minority of people who harbored ill feelings toward such progress but the overwhelming majority wanted change and believed in the hope of America.

Don’t get me wrong, I know that America is still dealing with the scars of slavery and many remain upset about losing their primary working force, but those times were supposed to be behind us. We as Americans were ready to heal those wounds and move on together towards a stronger tomorrow.

Those hopes and with it the change a majority of Americans fought for appears lost. Vile hatred, once a smoldering undercurrent of America and its history, has become a mainstream theme. The racial divide being promoted by today’s political climate is very different from anything that I’ve experienced in my life.

Bolstered by what can only be described as a child like, self-confirmed racist, America’s scar is being picked open and the wound is threatening to poison the body. The stories are becoming more prevalent. Stories of blatant racism being splashed on the screen. Stories of this insidious poison impacting those once considered civilian in this war of race, the children.

Though it cannot be laid squarely at President Donald Trump’s feet, because this poison permeated from a small region of America since the civil war, I can say with certainty that he will go down in history for its prevalence. Thanks to the glaring eye of technology America and the world is being re-introduced to things that we had hoped to defeat.

I follow my question in the beginning with a few more. Will America still have a chance to be what it was meant to become? Has the great experiment failed? Are we on our way to another civil war?

A hearty hello and welcome to WiseWords 2.0

Last year I decided to take some time to try and figure out what I’m trying to accomplish with writing my blog. If any of you reading were around and can remember, I wrote a blog about my path, writing what I know. I said that I know myself and that is true but during this little hiatus I took, there was one thing that became apparent. Something that I should have caught on to from the beginning. None of you know who I am. You folks don’t know me from atom. 

I want to write blog post that do more than tell you about my thoughts for any given time. I want you guys to leave my blog feeling like you learned something about life, me or maybe yourself. So, with that in mind, I think I’m ready to write better content for you folks to consume. 

Of course, my subject in the writing was only one of the problems I feel I was having. The layout and page content wasn’t exactly what I was going for with the website. Having a site that promotes what I’m trying to convey, which is my work, was not available. The new WWW.WashingtonTIII.COM will have a section with all of my work; Publications, finished Work, Blogs and other things that I’ve created. 

The site will also allow for you guys to comment on my writing, sign-up for email notifications for my recent blogs and deals on books. The site will also have a section for other interest of mine that I currently write about, video games. I love them and have a stream for that form of content. I’m just saying, there’s a lot that I’m doing and feel you guys may be interested in. I could be wrong but I feel like something needed to change to garner more interest in my body of work.

I hope you guys enjoy the changes. If you don’t, I would love to hear your comments. I may listen then again, I may not. Either way, I hope we all enjoy what I create in the end. Thanks for staying with me, returning to see what I have to say or just checking out my writing for the first time. Check out my actual first return blog, American Class, for an understanding of what I’m interested in discussing with you guys and the type of conversations I want to have, there’s a lot to get through.