The good of America

Divisive America

What’s going on in America? We have come to a point in our countries’ ever changing spirit when things seem more perilous than any could anticipate. One of the main arguments of our current president has become something that he continues to endure. With more than a few indictments and his campaign manager now dealing with not one but two trials, President Donald Trump is putting Americans through the very issues he brought up about his adversary at the time, Hillary Clinton. Constant court cases during a presidency.

Everyday, I wake up to the news of another scandal, tweet or revelation; originating from the current commander and chief. It may not be something that he is being accused of but it seems to be every person with which the President has had dealings. Manafort, Cohen, Daniels, Gates, Flynn, etc. it’s freaking ridiculous. I mean was the plan of draining the swamp one where the mushy, dirty waters of Washington would be so full of corruption, that there is would be no choice but to see the gators?

The News

The very act of watching the news is now a test in stamina. How many times can you smack yourself on the forehead and say “he did what?” before you are forced to change the channel? The scariest thing about what’s happening in Washington isn’t just the president, it’s the complacency of the people charged with representing us. This, to me, is the most shocking thing. These people don’t seem to care, as long as their agenda is passed, he can get away with whatever crime he committed. They are ready to sell us, the American people, down the river for their own nefarious machinations.

It is insane that we have a congress that was unable to do anything for almost eight years, but when they do take action, it’s to completely screw the poor and debilitated. What about this screams American values? When do we stand as a people against this continued promotion of moral bankruptcy?

Our Duty

Let’s be honest, most of us won’t recognize the writing on the wall until the wrecking ball knocks through it. The strength of America has always been its citizens. It’s one of the things that I believe can never be destroyed by people who attack us using terror. Americans are strongest together and when we are attacked, we coalesce into a wave of force so dangerous that other countries fear its scrutiny. When do we become that force? Will it be a force divided by the devices put in place to lower the intensity of our impact?

Here’s something that I never thought would become the norm in America. Our president has told thousands of lies to the American public and there is no reprimand for his actions. When did distortion and fabrication become the standard operating procedure for our country? I mean I always believed, deep down inside, that the American people couldn’t really trust its government but I never thought it would become true. For the first time in my life we have a president who says, “I’ve done nothing wrong but the case to prove that shouldn’t vindicate me.” He tells us that he’s all for this investigation into Russian meddling into our election. Then turns around and says it’s a hoax and it must end without a conclusion.

This is way past politics folks. We are at a point where we have to demand more from our elected officials. I don’t want to see a president impeached in my lifetime. When it happened to Nixon, the country suffered more than he did. No, I want the people who we have hired to speak for us, to actually start speaking for us. I want these people spouting that America wants a certain thing to actually speak for Americans. Not the coffers that provide insulation for their pockets.

The end result

We are taught in school that the definition of truth is the quality or state of being true. Can anyone watching what’s going on in America today consider that very word present in our nation’s capital? Are we at a point where there will be two sets of facts? The truth and the alternate version of it. That doesn’t bode well for our country.

Thanks for stopping by and if you enjoyed the post, please let me know. Even if you didn’t I could use some helpful criticism. Enjoy the rest of your day folks.

The cruelest joke never told

Growing old is like the worse joke ever told to people. How is it that a person grows up with this body, builds it into this machine that the two of you have agreed should be what it is, then the machine decides it’s own course of action? In the past I would say growing old it like finding out that you’re not in control of your body but I think it’s your body saying that it has its own plans and ideas about your life. 

I hate the fact that after more than thirty years of navigating a path for what my body should be, it has decided that it doesn’t want to do what we agreed was the proper course of action. Joint pains in the strangest places, back aches from sitting in a position I sat in for comfort. I’m saying I heard many older men talking about the plight of growing old but I always thought that would happen to someone else, my body would follow our plan. 

Nope, that’s not how it goes at all. Hitting thirty was a huge surprise for me. Out of nowhere, my back began to hurt for nothing. Out of nowhere my eyes could discern things that were easily seen, just a year earlier. Is it just me? I doubt it because age is a bitch on all of us and we all had to go through it. Well until the minds create their age defying elixir. Until that time we all have to deal with this and I say that’s BS. 

Seriously, is there nothing sacred? What kind of cruel comedian is the creator? Hey how can twenty be the best time of a person’s life, when there are at least another forty years left to live? I know we live more that 60 years but I’m just throwing out the years that I feel make a real difference because not too many people are enjoying the later years. They say they do but let’s all be real, they miss their younger age. Hell, I’m not even near that age and I feel a reminiscence for those times. 

Nothing is as contrary as the process of growing up. Just think about the term “growing up.”

It is a misnomer because you don’t grow up, you grow old. With that growth there are changes that a person never signs up for or even knew would occur. Changes that can impact just doing things you’ve done all your life. I remember the first time I felt a twinge in my lower back, it was not the business. I was actually shocked by the fact that I had back pain, especially after all of my athletics. Where the hell did this come from? I’d just turned thirty. 

Just dealing with growing old should be grounds for disability. The government should have a notification system set up that notifies those reaching thirty that their lives are about to change drastically and no matter what is done it will not get better. I seriously watch the breaking discoveries in science, hoping for the day when a scientist touts his defeat of age. 

Do any of you remember being young? Do you guys remember what it felt like when we were 17 and a half? Had to throw that half in there because we all wanted to be older. You reach the age of adulthood and immediately you recognize the error of your ways. I think that’s why young adults today try to remain with their parents, they’re hoping for a return to childhood. Unfortunately, unlike Peter Pan, we all have to grow old. That’s why I call this blog the cruelest joke. Can any of you honestly give me a benefit to growing old? Well, there is this amount of experience that a person gains from growing old but honestly who wouldn’t sacrifice that experience for the return in years? 

You hear it said all the time “If I knew then, what I know now.” That’s a person thinking back to their younger days. A person thinking about the life they wish they could still live. A life they want to live forever. Many of you reading this probably don’t know what I’m talking about or can’t sympathize with my plight but I know there are some who’re going through this now and I say “I feel you my siblings.”

There’s something quite cathartic about being able to express my anger and disappointment at growing old. I can imagine there are a few of you younger folks out there saying, this will never happen to me but it will and when it does, remember there was this older guy dealing with it that shat words on a blog post talking about the same thing. 

Thanks for your time today my friends. I did say the writing would change and I hope you enjoy what I’m now giving to you, have a blessed day and enjoy the time you have in your life. Be it young or old age.