The difference is a chromosome

Recently, I had a chance to watch the movie “Battle of the sexes.” I know, I know, that movie is old now. Well, I don’t like to actually waste money going to movies unless it’s something that interest me, believe me that has not always worked in my favor; the debacle that is BvS comes to mind. I mean seriously, why would they make that movie? Styrofoam Batman was the worse. Though there were some good fighting scenes in the movie, I just did not appreciate the casting for the movie. Eisenberg’s Luthor was an atrocity that should not be duplicated, oh wait, he was in the justice league as well. Damn you DC.

Anyway, I’m sorry about that rant, but if you’ve been subjected to that terrible movie, then you know what I’m talking about and if you’re feeling some kind of way about my judgement, comment below and we can discuss it. But back to “Battle.” I watched this movie with a fair amount of knowledge about Billie Jean King, but I did not know or maybe I was blind to the fact of how men’s treatment of women hasn’t changed.

My issue is the disparity and the reason for it. I watched the movie both proud of what the women in the Virginia Slim circuit were able to do and embarrassment for how the men justified their reasons for their increased pay. I couldn’t help but wonder watching, what the hell are men afraid of, when it comes to women? Just what do we stand to lose if we give women the equality they fight for and deserve? I watched this movie “Battle of the sexes” knowing that there would be no clear answer given for the treatment.

I think the worse thing about watching the movie is the realization that though women have made incredible strides, they are still in the same place. Men still find reasons to pay them less. Reasons to limit their success. Why? Why is it when a woman stands up for herself their labeled a feminist? I mean, is it just me? Are there other men who look at the way women have been treated and question the thinking involved in the treatment?

I don’t actually know why watching the movie bothered me so much. I can only say that the fact that these issues, the attempted control and limitation of women by men has been an issue that impacts all of us. Why do women have to be “nice old type women?” Which meant they do what they’re told, back in the day. While men are just allowed to be whatever they want?

Now, don’t get me wrong. I don’t consider myself in any way feminine conscious or awake, I’m just a father of girls. Little future women that I tell daily, they can do anything a man can do. But I’m starting to recognize that no matter what I tell my girls, the world is going to show them something different. Why? Why is it like this? Can someone explain that to me?

You folks have to understand that I consider myself a man. I mean I piss standing up, I eat red meat and have issues matching my clothing options. I can not grasp the intricacies of makeup but I can put ponytails in my daughter’s hair better than anyone. (FYI my wife thinks they’re always terrible and complains constantly but I do them damnit.) my point is I consider myself a man and I cannot for the life of me figure out why men feel they have to be this way to women.

Why are women paid less than us? Why do we feel we have a right to tell them what to do with their bodies? Why is it ok for us to take the rights from them that we would kill someone for taking from us? How can any man look at their own daughter and tell her that she can be anything she wants to be, but limit the woman working alongside you from those lofty goals?

I’m writing all of this and I’m now wondering if I will post this. I honestly want to know why but I don’t feel like the bullshit that has become a part of the internet. Bullshit a person receives for asking about what they feel is wrong. During “Battle of the sexes” Jack Kramer says “ My money is on Bobby Riggs because women find it hard to consistently handle pressure, some people would say they are not built for it.” Not built for it, seriously? I have been in the room each time my children were born and I can say in complete confidence that pressure is one of the things they are built to handle. The life of a woman is pressure personified, but why do men feel that women have it easy?

In the movie Bobby Riggs first defeats Margaret Court, when she loses the announcer says she just set back the women’s movement. Why? I can’t come up with answers for why one woman losing to a man destroys a whole movement or why a woman has to defeat a man to garner equality but we are coming to a point where we should recognize the hypocrisy of the treatment we give to women. I believe that if men start to do that, we will recognize our own feelings of inadequacy when it comes to women and possibly change our treatment of the fairer sex.

Thanks for your time today during this one. I hope I gave someone something to discuss and possibly put a bee in the bonnet of any man that feels the way these men do. Have a great one and I will talk to you all again.