Take the time

Did any of you hear that the Norte Dame cathedral is falling apart? I can kind of figure out what you’re thinking. Well some of you, I’m sure, feel like I do. You feel like me, if you’ve never had the chance to see the building. That’s kind of the reason for my blog today. The shock that the building is falling apart and the ultimate recognization that I might. Not ever be able to see the place where the Quasimodo was imagined. Feeling the fear of not seeing that place has spurred me to say to everyone to take 5e time t do what you always wanted.

There is no way for us to tell when something we want to see will be gone. I have to laugh when saying this because I live in Vegas and we destroy every casino when they reach a certain age. Which is why I want to see something that has been around for, what, two decades… ok, after a little research I find out that the building was completed in 1345, so a little more than two decades, lol.

I just want all of you to take a moment to think about something that you’ve always wanted to see and go see it because there is no guarantee that it will wait for you to get the time. Take the time away from your job to see it. I get it, work is a precarious place where every decision you make old cost you that job but if that’s the case it wasn’t a job you wanted. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying quit your job, or maybe I am, what I am saying is that time is finite. Nothing withstands the onslaught of it besides Paul Rudd…the guy still looks like he did in clueless, IJS. Sorry for that guys, but back to the point. We only have a small amount of time to do the stuff that we’ve always wanted to do, I’m saying go freaking do them.

Just thinking about the fact that I may miss a chance to go to such a historic place and see buildings that were built well before my people came to America. To see continuity of something greater than me just excites me. I am a creature that enjoys learning and going a place where so much history is steeped, would be a rewarding and incredible experience.

As the saying goes, it’s your life, live it. What’s the new saying the youngsters are using, FOMO. think of that when you come up with another excuse for why you can’t see the things that you’ve always wanted.